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Getting Authentic Islamic Books to our Incarcerated Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Our goal is to help Muslims show their love and support for their incarcerated brothers and sisters, by cooperating to send them authentic Islamic books in bulk, free of charge to them.


Aside from a few organizations who regularly send Salafi materials to Muslim inmates, like Masjid as-Sunnah IAP and Dar Salafiyyah PBD (may Allah bless and reward them both), we have seen a weakness in our regular support for donations to striving Muslim inmates. They are our brothers and sisters, and as we enjoy and benefit from our Salafi lessons and books, we want them to likewise enjoy and benefit. They face hardships that many of us cannot begin to comprehend, so we do this to try and implement what comes from our Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace):

“Whoever alleviates a worldly burden from a believer, Allah alleviates one of his burdens on the Day of Judgment. Whoever makes things easy for someone facing hardships, Allah provides him with ease in this life and the Next…” (Saheeh Muslim)