“Whoever alleviates the worldly burden of a believer, Allah will alleviate one of his burdens on the Day of Judgment.”

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In this section, we present interviews conducted with individuals that were previously incarcerated. Our goal is to shed light on their Islamic education when they were in prison. Each individual’s story is different and highlights the challenges they faced when incarcerated. We hope this emphasizes continued need to aid the Muslims in prisons with authentic…

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Review In Brief- Soorah Al-Israa’ – A 30-day study Workbook

Alhamdulilāh after concluding our fundraising campaign to send 330 copies of the latest workbook published by Bakkah Publications to the Muslim inmates in a Pennsylvania prison for Ramadhaan 1444H. We wanted to provide a brief walkthrough of what the inmates can look forward to with this workbook. They have benefitted a lot from the previous workbooks we sent them…


Brief Summary of our Workflow

Alhamdulilāh while we are working diligently to send the 745 books of our most recent project to various prisons across the United States, it is important to understand the logistics involved in getting Islamic books to the prisons for the Muslim inmates. Prior to sending books to the prisons, we try to ascertain various information…


Did you know?

Since our inception in 1441H (2020), we have by the favor of Allah and then through the generous donation of our supporters, distributed a total of about 3,539 books upon the sunnah to Muslim inmates in prisons across the United States. Allahu Akbar! This is a huge blessing and your continued support and assistance is…

Book Review Corner | Posts

What the inmates can expect with Ramadhaan Workbook, Vol.5

The Ramadhaan Lessons from the Noble Quran and Authentic Sunnah, Volume 5 is the latest workbook published by Bakkah Publications and it is the book that we chose to send to the Muslim inmates in a Pennsylvania prison. Similar to our last Ramadhaan project 1442 , the inmates will have the opportunity to listen to…

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A Review of the Comprehensive Guide

Prior to choosing a specific book for the Muslim Inmates in a facility, we interview their chaplain to assess their level and needs. Once we have gathered sufficient information, an appropriate title(s) is then selected to be fundraised and shipped to the inmates. Quite often, the facilities we contact may have some new Muslims who need authentic Islamic…


How Can We Help?

If you have an incarcerated family member or friend that you want us to send books to their facility, please contact us through email: Alternatively, they can write to us at: Salafi Books 4 Muslim Inmates12121 Frankstown RdUnit #5010Pittsburgh, PA 15235 We welcome helpful information such as: the number of Muslim inmates in their…


Fulfilling the Religious Needs of Muslims in US Prisons

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice – Bureau of Statistics, there are an estimated 1,430,800 prisoners under Federal or State jurisdiction. Without reliable data available it is difficult to know the actual number of incarcerated Muslims in the US. There are reports stating that Muslims are overrepresented in the prisons, with…