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Since our inception in 1441H (2020), we have by the favor of Allah and then through the generous donation of our supporters, distributed a total of about 3,539 books upon the sunnah to Muslim inmates in prisons across the United States.

Allahu Akbar! This is a huge blessing and your continued support and assistance is vital in helping us carry out these projects.

Remember, there is a lot innovated books that are in circulation within the prisons but Alhamdulilah, we can do our part in helping the inmates gain access to authentic Islamic books that are free of innovations and teach them the correct understanding of Islaam.

Imagine an inmate is guided to the sunnah through the books that you help us purchase. These are the things we should desire for our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

We now present to you a snapshot list of some of the titles we have sent to the prisons so far.

40 Hadeeth Workbook325
Aspects of the Days of Ignorance
Prophet’s Prayer Described
A Comprehensive Guide for the New Muslim
Three Fundamental Principles Workbook
50 Hadeeth on Personal Hygiene & Purification
How to Escape sins
The Never Ending Trials of life
Ramadhaan Lessons vol. 4 1442
Important lessons for Ramadan –
Ramadhaan lessons vol. 5 1443
How to deal with the people of Innovation60
The Disease and The Cure40
At Tadkhirah – the reminder about the condition of the dead and the events of the hearafter225
40 hadeeth on Major Sins251
The People of Hadeeth Workbook74
Snapshot of approx. donated books to the prisons (1441H – 1443H)

This is growing steadily walhamdulilah and we ask Allah to grant us all success and consistency in our efforts!

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