How Can We Help?

If you have an incarcerated family member or friend that you want us to send books to their facility, please contact us through email:

Alternatively, they can write to us at:

Salafi Books 4 Muslim Inmates
12121 Frankstown Rd
Unit #5010
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

We welcome helpful information such as:

  • the number of Muslim inmates in their facility
  • how many are serious with their studies
  • the situation with COVID in their facility
  • the kind of classes they have
  • what books they would like to receive

This also applies if you are in the UK. Just send us the facility’s address and the chaplain’s information, and we will reach out to them and see how we can help.

 It is important to note that our method is to ship books in bulk, so we cannot promise or commit to sending materials for individual requests. That said, we are always looking for facilities that need assistance and for inmates to share their experiences with us.

In the case of individual requests, we recommend that you contact our brothers a Darsalafiyyah.PBD and Masjid Sunnah IAP for further assistance. They do an excellent job of catering to and fulfilling individual requests.

Baaraka Allah Feekum 

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