A Review of the 40 Hadeeth Workbook

The 40 Hadeeth by An-Nawawee (may Allah have Mercy on him), aims to cover fundamental narrations that embody the religion.

This book is a staple that has been studied for generations and there are numerous translations of it in the English Language.

This has been rendered as a workbook by Ustaadh Moosaa Richardson with both arabic text and english translation side by side. This allows you to study this book in a structured fashion, either at the masjid or through the recorded classes.

From the feedback we receive is that inmates love the interactive nature of the recordings. The sound of people in the masjid, the dialogues between teacher and student all provide that feeling of being part of the class.

The book is designed to reflect the interactive style of the lessons and is packed with numerous features such as progress, reading, memorization and check for understanding trackers. You can also attempt to answer questions on the various hadeeth topics addressed in the book and use the answer key to check against your entries.

Inmates are usually very focused on memorizing Islamic texts, so this addition aids them in their effort to memorize this book.

A really useful resource that is found in this workbook is the “Quick Guide to the Narrations” section at the back of the book. This includes the names of the narrator, collector and a brief wording of the hadeeth. This tool makes it easy to memorize the 40 hadeeth as you can use it to quickly recall narrations and what order they come in the book.

The workbook has a chain of transmission back to the author as well as the complete text in voweled and unvoweled form.

We chose this book for distribution to Muslim inmates as it is packed with beneficial resources that will aid them in their studies of this staple classic in shaa Allah.

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