Project 9 – 140 Books for Muslim Inmates at Minnesota Correctional Facility

The goal for this project was to send the Muslim Inmates at Minnesota Correctional Facility – Rush City, 70 copies each of  Hikmah Pubs’  A Comprehensive Guide For The New Muslim” and “How To Escape Sins”  at a wholesale cost of $1200.

We launched this campaign on our Twitter on Feb 1, 2021, and we had a very positive response to our appeal.

Alhamdulilāh! the required funds were raised on Feb 2, 2021, with a total number of 24 contributions received to our PayPal Money Pool.

This project was definitely a great opportunity to get authentic Islamic materials sent to the Muslim Inmates as this facility was low on Islamic books due to the impact of the COVID restrictions.

May Allah reward everyone who aided us in this endeavor. Ameen!