40 Hadeeth

Project 2 – 50 Copies of 40 Hadeeth Workbook for Another New Jersey Prison

We kicked off our second project on November 17, 2020, with 50 copies of Bakkah Publications’ “40 Hadeeth” workbook, designated for the Muslim inmates of another New Jersey state prison. This was a great opportunity to get our studious brothers in jail a workbook that they could use for taking notes and writing down benefits. For this initiative we raised $690, and Alhamdulilāh on November 18, 2020, we surpassed our goal with $790 raised in total.

May Allah reward the 13 contributors who chipped in on our PayPal Money Pool  to help us reach this amount.

The books were then shipped and confirmed to have arrived on December 4, 2020 for distribution to the inmates, Walhamdulilāh.