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Project 22 – 250 Books to Muslim Inmates in Western Correctional Institution, Maryland (RAMADHAAN BOOK DRIVE 1444)

Our second Ramadhaan book drive for 1444 H was to send 250 copies of “Forty Hadith Concerning the Fast of Ramadanto the Muslim inmates in Maryland. This book was authored by our esteemed teacher Abu al-Hasan Malik Al-Akhdar and published by Al-Rahmaniyyah Press .

As this facility has a population of around 500 Muslims we wanted to ensure that all of them receive a copy of this book so we decided to split this project in two phases. Phase one is to raise enough funds to purchase and send 250 books and in shaa Allah we would push to raise funds to send the remaining 250 at a later date in shaa Allah.

We urged our supporters to do their part by donating and spreading word about this project. 

Below is a short sequence of events for this project:

  • February 26, 2023 – We announced the launch of the project on our Twitter and daily reminders were posted to urge people to donate and help us reach our goal
  • February 27, 2023 – Allahuma baarik, we reached more than half the amount of our goal the following day walhamdulilāh
  • March 2, 2023 – Alhamdulilāh we reached our goal and we sent out a tweet informing our supporters and made du’aa for them 

[UPDATE]: March 4, 2023 – We share the good news that the books have been purchased and shipped to the Muslim inmates.

We are hoping it arrives soon and we’ll make an update once we receive confirmation of receipt in shaa Allah

“Charity does not decrease anything from wealth” [Muslim]