Project 21 – 330 Books To Muslim Inmates In Pennsylvania (RAMADHAAN BOOK DRIVE 1444)

This is a summary of our project to send 330 copies of BakkahPubslatest workbook,  “A 30-day study of Soorah Al-Israa“, to the incarcerated Muslims in a Pennsylvania prison. Alhamdulilāh, as the blessed month of Ramadhaan 1444 was only two months away, we wanted to distribute these workbooks to the Muslim inmates free of charge to them.

As always, our noble supporters contributed generously to help cover all the costs. In fact we received a total of 67 donations! So may Allah reward them well.

It is also worth noting that just as in previous Ramadhaan projects(13 & 16),very special coordination between the chaplaincy department went into this effort to get the approvals for the inmates to follow along and listen to the audio recordings daily in Ramadhaan in shaa Allah.

Below is a brief timeline of events for this project:

  • February 8, 2023 – We announced the launch of the project on our Twitter and daily reminders were posted to urge people to donate and help us reach our goal
  • February 15, 2023 – We tweeted that we reached half of our goal walhamdulilāh
  • February 20, 2023 – It was a great joy to finally reach our goal and we made dua’a for our supporters for their tremendous generosity

[UPDATE]: February 23, 2023 – The books have now been purchased and shipped to the Muslim inmates and we are eagerly looking forward to them getting it in time for Ramadhaan in shaa Allah.

[UPDATE]: MARCH 16, 2023 –  Alhamdulilāh we are pleased to share the good news that we received confirmation from the chaplain that the books were received and have been distributed to the Muslim inmates. The chaplain offered his thanks and gratitude for our service in providing the Muslim inmates in their facility with books for the last few years. He mentioned the inmates “Enjoy studying the books we sent and they have greatly benefited from them.”

May Allah reward everyone that aided us in this noble project.

Your support is significant. May Allah accept it!