contemplating over the 'Quran'

Project 17 – 50 books to Muslim Inmates in Oklahoma State Penitentiary

On March 30, 2022, we announced the launch of this project on our Twitter. This was a few days before the start of Ramadhaan 1443H and we had coordinated with the chaplain of this facility to donate and send 50 copies of Umar Quinns’ latest title: “Contemplating Over the Qur’ān in Ramaḍān: A 29 Day Reflection Guide & Journal” for free distribution to the Muslim inmates. This was an excellent book that would help the inmates during Ramadhaan in reflecting over the Quran and extracting benefits from it. We worked quickly to raise the funds so that we can have the books purchased and distributed to the inmates during the month of Ramadhaan. Our goal was to raise $1,162 which included the wholesale rate plus shipping fees and Alhamdulilāh we surpassed that goal with the funds being raised on April 4, 2022. The chaplain informed us of their excitement at being recipients of this donation of books to the Muslim inmates in their facility. [UPDATE – APRIL 25, 2022]: We shared the good news that we received confirmation from the chaplain in Oklahoma State Penitentiary that the books were delivered and will be distributed to the inmates in shaa Allah. May Allah reward everyone that contributed towards this project!