Project 25 – 250 Books To The Muslim Inmates In A Pennsylvania Prison

Project 25 – 250 Books To The Muslim Inmates In A Pennsylvania Prison

This project was launched in Ramadhaan 1444H  with the goal of providing 250 copies of Ustaadh Umar Quinns’ latest title “The Miracle of the Qur’an And Its Amazing Effect on the Heart: Keys to Understanding the Qur’ān: Volume 1″ for free distribution to the Muslim inmates in SCI Chester, Pennsylvania. 

This book as described in this tweet by Ustaadh Umar Quinn “was formatted with incarcerated brothers in mind because many take advantage of their prison sentences to learn to read & converse in Arabic. So all of the ayāt, Hadīth, & statements of the Salaf and scholars include fully vowelled Arabic, sentence by sentence.”

We were nearly halfway through our goal on April 20 and we reminded our supporters of the importance of ensuring our incarcerated brothers and sisters have access to this valuable resource in their library.  Inmates are in dire need of authentic literature based on the explanations of erudite scholars like al-Imam as-Sa’dee and others that will assist them in their understanding of the Quran and unlocking its vast meanings.

Alhamdulilāh our goal was met on May 9, 2023 and we swiftly ordered the books and shipped them to the prison.

[UPDATE: July 06, 2023] : Alhamdulilāh we received confirmation from the chaplain, that the books arrived and were distributed to the inmates.

May Allah bless everyone that contributed generously to the success of this project.